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Pneumatic pumps and kits for grease

The pneumatic pumps GP72 are suitable to deliver grease at high pressure both at short and at long distances thanks to the high compression ratio.

The DOUBLE EFFECT pumping system ensures a constant delivery of grease. The pneumatic double-cylinder motor, besides its compact size and sturdiness, offers a simple mechanical construction as well as a good functionality.

To improve resistance to wear, the pumping system has been manufactured with face-hardened parts and precise tolerances.

On the suction tube a filter avoids the suction of foreign impurities which may be found in the grease.

Models Delivery Compression ratio Air pressure
GP72 Standard 1500g/min 58:1 4-8 bar
Code GP7241 GP7247 GP7273 GP7294
Drums 12/20 Kg 20/30 Kg 50/60 Kg 180/200 Kg
Total Length 680 mm 740 mm 1000 mm 1210 mm
Suction tube length 410 mm 470 mm 730 mm 940 mm
Weight 3,5 Kg 3,8 Kg 5 Kg 5,8Kg

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