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NMT Series

The high-pressure pumps in the NMT series are among the most popular products on the market manufactured by Leuco, a leading company in the production and distribution of high-pressure piston pumps made entirely in Italy. The high-pressure pumps in the NMT series are able to operate at a pressure of up to 200 bar and a water temperature of 65° (149 F), making them ideal for both domestic and industrial use. Hawk pumps have numerous applications, and the high-pressure pumps in the NMT series are mostly used for cleaning means of transport such as cars, trucks and motorbikes. This line of products can also be installed on machines used for cleaning particularly dirty surfaces, such as outdoor floors, low walls, railings and industrial kitchens. The standard pumps in the NMT series can also be used in car wash tunnels, because the high-pressure jet is particularly effective at cleaning the whole bodywork of cars. Leuco has decades of experience in the production of high-pressure pumps, and exports its products worldwide, from Europe to America, as well as Australia and Asia.

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